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Best Online Curriculums

Once you've made the decision to homeschool, one of your major decisions is which curriculum to use. Use this list as a springboard to find the resources that best fit your child. The last two websites on the list have Christian-themed content geared toward families interested in religious education.

Oak Meadow ( - Oak Meadow's approach focuses on delivering academics for preschool through high school using imaginative, child-centered methods with a strong emphasis on the creative arts: drawing, painting, music, and handwork.

Moving Beyond the Page ( - This curriculum offers packages with a focus on critical thinking and comprehension for ages 5 through 12. It takes into account the student's strengths and learning style, and delivers project-based instruction that meets or exceeds state and national standards.

k12 ( - For those who want to know that their kids are meeting state standards while still enjoying an individualized approach, this site offers a complete, integrated curriculum as well as online support and assessment tools.

Homeschool Reviews ( - Before spending money on a curriculum, it's helpful to hear from those who have used it. Sites like this one and have extensive, unbiased information on hundreds of curriculum options.

Sonlight ( - These Christian publishers have created literature-based academic programs, building grade-level packages around a variety of historical themes, such as World or American History. They offer Instructor Guides for parent-teachers to accompany the book readings.

Classical Conversations ( - The curriculum on this site, started by a Christian community, is based on the Classical method of education, with the added benefit of group learning. Families using the materials meet together each week for study, enrichment, and socialization

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