Classroom Confidential: Insider Tips from School Staffers

The Secret Language of Teachers

Every profession has its insider lingo, and teachers are no exception. Below are a few expressions that commonly get tossed around in the break room.
When a school administrator spends an excessive amount of time making the morning announcements over the public-address system

Milk-carton photo
A student who is consistently absent or missing from class

Repeat customer
A child who has to stay in the same grade for another year

Another name for the cafeteria -- because that's where all the homework gets copied

Frequent flyer
A student who often winds up doing time in detention

Prayer meeting
When a parent requests a sit-down with a teacher to discuss her child's poor behavior

Choir practice
An after-school gathering of teachers and administrators, usually held in a place where alcohol is served

Wasted snow
A big storm that occurs on a weekend, so no one gets a snow day

Originally published in the September 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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