Classroom Confidential: Insider Tips from School Staffers

Driver Directions

Teach Proper Bus Behavior
"Your child needs to follow the rules of being a safe passenger, especially staying in her seat while the bus is moving. If I'm distracted, I may not react quickly enough to avoid an accident. I tell my kids, 'Put your seat on the seat, back to the back, and feet in front of you with your backpack on your lap. We ride safely like that.'" --Missouri school-bus driver

Let Her Ride
"If your child has a hard time saying goodbye, putting her on the bus helps to create a clear separation between home and school. If you must drive her, trust the teachers to redirect your child if she cries or has a tantrum. The key is to give her a kiss, say, 'Goodbye, see you later, honey,' and leave quickly. The more you linger, the harder it becomes." --New York assistant principal

Arrive at the Stop on Time
"When I have to hold the bus for a child, the ride becomes that much longer for all the kids and causes us to miss the beginning of school. The same goes for being there when I drop your child off in the afternoon. We get there on time. Shouldn't you too?" --Indiana school-bus driver

Display Good Manners
"Many parents don't teach their children to respect the school-bus driver as they would a teacher. A lot of kids don't reply to my 'Good morning,' and it comes across as rude. The same is true of parents. I have a few adults who thank me regularly, and it makes the day so much better. If you're shy, a smile works just as well." --Missouri school-bus driver

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