Sunday Planning Tips

Ten minutes of simple planning will get your family through a busy school and work week.

Sunday evenings offer an ideal time for families to convene about the week ahead. Some families have a certain place they always go together in the car on Sundays, for instance to a family member's home for dinner. Grab your calendars before getting in the car and talk on the drive over. You don't have to call a formal family meeting unless you want to, but definitely go over these items once a week:

  • Review the calendar for everyone
  • Who is taking whom where and when?
  • What evenings might one or both parents need to be out?
  • Is there a sitter required sometime during the week?
  • Who is in charge of homework help?
  • Who is cooking and doing dishes?
  • Who is doing bath and bedtime duty for younger children?
  • Who is cleaning and doing other chores?

Doing this simple 10 minutes of planning will save you much confusion, embarrassment, time, and stress! Imagine knowing which nights you're responsible to cook and having exactly what you need, remembering in plenty of time that you need a sitter for Friday, and realizing that you need to switch driving for one day in the carpool schedule -- without having to pull any last-minute miracles!

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