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A Typical Week's Homework for a Second Grader

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Tara Donne

Read a book of your choice for at least 15 minutes and log your reading.
Study your spelling words and math facts.

Homework Assignment: Math workbook, page 14

  • What Parents Need to Know: Your child needs to know her addition and subtraction facts inside and out by the end of second grade. If you slack at the beginning, you'll both pay.

Homework Assignment: Write a page in your journal about a character in your library book.

  • What Parents Need to Know: Encourage your kid to use descriptive words in her journal, even if she can't spell them correctly. Someday, she'll get a kick from reading her mistakes.

Homework Assignment: Math worksheet

  • What Parents Need to Know: You don't "carry" and "borrow" anymore; you "regroup." Your child will demand your head on a platter if you say otherwise. Those parent workshops your school hosts to explain the math curriculum? Try to attend one, or ask for the information.

Homework Assignment: Complete the outline for your animal research project.

  • What Parents Need to Know: The teacher wants: a topic sentence and three supporting details. Your child wants: to transcribe verbatim any fact she can dig up on the computer. Guide her with questions (What does your animal eat? Where does it live?) or she'll be "researching" for weeks.

Homework Assignment: Spelling test; Math quiz

  • What Parents Need to Know: If your formerly school-loving kid suddenly declares she's through, chalk it up to the year's tougher expectations. Take the pressure off by praising her efforts, not her grades each week.

Songfest next week!

  • What Parents Need to Know: Charge the camera batteries. Find your child a nice outfit in the designated class color. Plan an easy, early dinner. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness!

What Your Child Will Learn in Second Grade
What Your Child Will Learn in Second Grade

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