Encouraging School Success

Is your child getting the most out of school?

Starting Early

Long before kids start school, their potential school success begins. When children enter and continue school with good habits of communication, a sense of community, and stable role models, they're in a position to succeed -- to learn all that has to be learned, and to become confident students.

Here are some things you can do when your children are young:

  • Let them see you read, and read to them and with them.
  • Visit the library. If they're old enough, make sure they have their own card.
  • Keep books, magazines, and newspapers around the house.
  • Teach children to do things for themselves rather than do the work for them. Exhibiting patience when children are young will pay off later.
  • Help children, when needed, to break a job down into small pieces, then let them do the job one step at a time. This works for everything -- getting dressed, a job around the house, or a big homework assignment.
  • Develop, with your child, a reasonable, consistent schedule of jobs around the house. List them on a calendar, day by day.
  • Set and enforce consistent house rules your children can depend on. Put plans into action, and follow through.
  • Set limits on TV viewing so everyone can concentrate and get work done.
  • Watch TV with your children and talk about what you see.

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