Best Back-to-School Supplies: Backpacks

Let the new school year begin! Start with a new backpack to store all of your child's essential back-to-school supplies.

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Peter Ardito

Camo Owl Backpack

This camouflage owl backpack is almost too cool for school! $35

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Peter Ardito

It's a Jungle Play Pack

Great if your little one carries a meal and not much more. $24

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Peter Ardito

Gecko Camo Backpack Jr.

It's subtle, but all sides have reflective trim for safety. $35

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How to Choose a Backpack

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Peter Ardito

Bixbee Rocketflyer Kids Backpack

Ready for takeoff! The Rocketflyer is packed with pockets. $35

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Peter Ardito

Sequin Backpack

Why not dazzle? The buckle is for show; the bag snaps open. $15

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Peter Ardito

Allover Spider-Man Backpack

Spidey comes printed on big backpacks took, but the mini is perfect for preschoolers. $29.50

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Peter Ardito

Hedgehog Zoo Pack

This new hedgehog Zoo Pack melts hearts. $20

Originally published in the September 2014 issue of Parents magazine.

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