The education your child receives will set the groundwork for future successes. No matter his age -- from kindergarten to high school -- we have all the advice and information you need on reaching potential in reading, writing, math, and more.

5 Books to Help You Raise a Globally Minded Child

Saira Siddiqui, founder of Confessions of a Muslim MOMmaholic, shares her top picks.

How to Help Kids With Homework (Without Doing It for Them!)

When your kid says she can't solve a math problem or spell a tricky word without your help, don't fall for it. We've got a lesson plan to make her DIH.

The One Reason Your Kid May Not Really Be Ready for Kindergarten

Self-regulation is crucial to helping kids get an early jump on education, so the kids who develop later are already behind.

4 Complaints Kids Have About School (and How to Combat Them)

Your kids won't always love school, but we've got fix-it strategies for four common complaints.

6 Unexpected After-School Activities

Round out your kid's school schedule with one of these awesome extracurriculars.

12 Products to Make Homework More Fun

Getting the job done is about to become a lot more fun (and less like pulling teeth). The kids will love these new perfect-for-home school supplies so much that they'll jump to do those worksheets.

Fun Summer Reads for Fifth and Sixth Graders

What can compete with texts, Minecraft, and listening to Taylor Swift? These books can.

3 Things Parents Can Do to Help Kids Manage Homework

Some kids find it difficult to stay on top of homework after a long school day. Here are 3 things parents can do to make the process less stressful.

Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying

Kids can be bullies. Share these strategies to help your child deal with mean kids.

Quiz: Are You Encouraging Good Homework Habits?

Homework is an important element of your child's schooling. It reinforces school lessons and instills an early sense of responsibility in your child. Find out if your behavior is promoting good homework habits.

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10 Great Math Apps for Kids

These fun apps will reinforce basic arithmetic concepts and spark a love for learning math.

8 Books and Movies to Get Kids Ready for Halloween

From old classics to new yarns, Julie Winterbottom, author of the new book Frightlopedia, gives you the lowdown on the best books to help your kiddo gear up for the 31st.

What Your Kid Will Learn in First Grade

See what educational milestones your child will master in first grade, and learn how to help him achieve them at home.

Your Common Core Cheat Sheet

You've probably heard the term common core. Now learn more about what's behind the great debate it's created.

Virtual Elementary School: Should You Enroll Your Kids?

For different personal reasons, many parents are leaning toward online classes for their kids. But is online education the best academic track for your child?

20 Smart Back-to-School Tips and Ideas

Get your students off to a smart start with these clever and completely doable strategies for every part of their busy day.

Watch This Spoken Word Artist Epically 'Sue' the U.S. School System in Viral Video

Because if we want our kids to grow up to be creative and innovative, then the way they are taught in class should be, too.

Age-by-Age Guide to Reading to Your Baby

Get your child to fall in love with reading at an early age.

10 Playful Math Activities

Prepare your child to succeed in school with these fun math activities.

10 Signs You're a PTA Drop-Out

You're so grateful that the Parent Teacher Association makes everything run smoothly at your child's school--and you're even more thrilled they're obviously doing just fine without you. Here's 10 clear signs you might be a PTA drop-out.

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