Can You Hear Me Now? 5 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen

Avoid the echo.

Calling your child's name over and over again will just get you a sore throat. As will the infinite repeating of "clear your stuff off the table; dinner's almost ready." Sit him down and let him know that you're willing to remind him of your request once, but he'll have to deal with the consequences if he doesn't respond after that. For example, you could say, "I'm happy to ask you once to put on your shoes, but after that, I'm walking out to the car without you." Another option is to use a kitchen timer, suggests Dr. Shrand. Tell your child, "We're going to set this for three minutes, and then you need to stop watching TV and put your clothes away." Reinforce the three-minute warning with a reward: "After you put your clothes away, you can use the computer for 15 minutes before bedtime." If he still doesn't pay attention, the next step might be to take away TV until he's come up with his own plan for being a better listener.

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