From training bras and that first period to cracking voices and facial hair, here's a parent's guide to getting your son or daughter through puberty. Learn how to help with acne, social situations, and more.

"I Caught My Tween Masturbating"

One parent wonders what to do now that she caught her adolescent daughter masturbating.

Teaching Your Child About Body Care

The time to get your child on board with body care is well before puberty starts.

How to Keep Your Kids From Growing Up Too Fast

Legos and lip gloss. Jungle gyms and Justin Bieber. How to keep your kids from growing up too fast.

How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Can't talk about the birds and the bees? Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives you the matter-of-fact ways to talk about sex.

4 Ways to Manage Your Pre-Tween's Unpredictable Behavior

Mature one minute, having a meltdown the next. Welcome to the erratic behavior of a pre-tween. Experts demystify this new phase.

Quiz: Is It Time to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty?

Take our quiz to find out if it's time to have the "puberty chat" with your kid. And if it is time--have no fear! Our expert advice will make it easier.

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How to Talk to Kids About Puberty

It can be uncomfortable talking about the changes your child's body is going through. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives tips on how you can avoid an embarrassing dialogue.

The Secret Life of the Pre-Tween: Respecting Your Kid's Privacy

Set a privacy policy you can both live with.

Is My Child an Early Bloomer?

The latest on early puberty and how to help your child through it.

Dr. Alan Greene on Kids' Hygiene Habits

Check out this age-based guide to your child's hygiene.

How to Talk to Kids About Masturbation

Help your child understand that masturbation is private but not shameful. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," shares how you can explain this natural part of growing up.

Study: Early Puberty Signs in Kids Are Not Always Cause for Alarm

Although parents may worry that early signs of puberty in kids as young as 7 or 8 are cause for concern, the AAP says this is not always the case.

Embarrassed by Breasts

At 12, kids want to be just like their friends. What happens when your child's biological clock ticks a bit faster?

Middle School Body Woes and Buddy Troubles

Jan Faull, MEd, responds to a parent's concern over her teen daughter's school-year peer-group dread.