The 6 Most Important Child Development Research Studies of 2011

Our Red-Hot Parenting blogger and the associate professor of psychiatry and behavior at Brown Medical School explains the new studies that are influencing the way parents think about child health and development.

The Biggest Research Studies of the Year

Although many important studies were published this year, some stand out because they not only offer new information, they also affect our way of thinking about parenting and child development. Some studies make us rethink what we thought was fact and wrestle with new issues; some bring fresh and unique insights into well-researched areas. Still others break new ground on emerging topics that are critically important for today's families. In no particular order, here are my choices for the six most important studies of 2011, five published in academic journals and one released as a publication by an independent nonprofit organization. These studies all have important messages for parents while pointing the way to what new research might be seen next year.

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