Thrive in 2025: Smart Solutions for Gifted Kids

Is Your Child Gifted -- Or Just Smart?

"Gifted kids see the world as if they're looking through a high-powered microscope," says Dr. Sylvia Rimm. These are some characteristics you might see in a gifted child.

Strength: Impressive Memory
Signs: She can remember details for long periods of time.

Strength: Savvy sense of humor
Signs: He sees absurdities in situations that other kids never notice.

Strength: Plays intensely
Signs: She does puzzles designed for older kids and organizes complex games.

Strength: Unbounded intellectual energy
Signs: He's constantly experimenting, taking things apart, and asking questions. He delves into a range of interests.

Strength: Naturally mature
Signs: She displays unusual independence, self-reliance, responsibility, and prefers adult company.

Strength: Strong critical thinking skills
Signs: He notices discrepancies between what people say and do and may feel uncomfortable with "right" answers.

Strength: Self-starter
Signs: She masters information quickly and learns reading, writing, and math concepts long before her peers.

Strength: Deep empathy and compassion
Signs: He is sensitive and may worry a lot about the welfare of other people.

Strength: Creative instincts
Signs: She has a sophisticated ability to express her feelings through art, music, or dance.

Originally published in the April 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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