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Shying Away

Your child has never asked you how babies are made. She shows not one bit of curiosity about the fact that your sister is enormously pregnant -- let alone bothers to ask how she got in that condition.

Just because your child is silent doesn't mean you're off the hook. After all, wouldn't you rather she get the scoop from you instead of the half-truths she's likely to hear on the playground? Some kids are too shy or embarrassed to ask questions, so it's up to you to take the initiative by using teachable moments that pop up in everyday life. "A mom who's pregnant is a great conversation starter," says Haffner. Try: "Look how big Aunt Liza's belly is. Do you know that you have a little cousin inside there? Have you ever wondered how babies are made?" Or look at photographs of your pregnancy and your child's first days of life, and get the conversation started.

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