Child Development

Is your kid on track? Here's what you need to know about child development for the older kid, including appropriate behaviors, psychological development, social growth spurts, and emotional considerations.

7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

Keep your kids in line with these simple strategies.

25 Manners Kids Should Know

Helping your child master these simple rules of etiquette will get him noticed -- for all the right reasons.

Wimpy & Whiny: Understanding Emotionally Sensitive Children

Some kids are just born more sensitive. Help your child not take everything so hard, whether it's hurt feelings or scraped knees.

How Birth Order Shapes Personality

Oldest, middle, youngest, or only child? Where you are can shape who you are.

The Secret to Raising a Happy, Confident Girl

Bringing up daughters is complicated: Empowerment messages and impressive achievements are everywhere, yet depression and anxiety are very real threats. This is how to help your daughter become her best, well-rounded self in spite of it all.

8 Reasons Video Games Can Improve Your Child

Parent-approved video games that are played in moderation can help young kids develop in educational, social, and physical ways.

6 Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter

The first years of a child's life are a prime time for learning. From making eye-contact to counting out loud, here are 6 easy ways to stimulate baby's cognitive development.

Age When Girls First Feel Ashamed of Their Bodies Is Shocking

The average age at which girls first remember feeling self-conscious about their bodies is getting increasingly younger, a new survey shows.

Is There a Legit Reason Kindergarteners Need Padded Bras?

Are padded bras for kindergarteners practical or perverted?

How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Can't talk about the birds and the bees? Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives you the matter-of-fact ways to talk about sex.

Quiz: Is It Time to Talk to Your Kids About Puberty?

Take our quiz to find out if it's time to have the "puberty chat" with your kid. And if it is time--have no fear! Our expert advice will make it easier.

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Dealing with Stealing

If your child swipes something from a store, her school, or a friend, don't panic -- just learn the right response to this common situation.

Raising an Introvert In an Extrovert World

Here's how you can bring out the best in your quiet, reserved child.

What Is Hippotherapy?

Horses are essential in hippotherapy, a form of neuromuscular therapy that can improve the posture and coordination of a child with disabilities.

7 Ways to Raise a Well-Rounded Kid

Surround your children with love, happiness, and encouragement so they have the confidence to reach goals.

Age-by-Age Guide to Lying

Yes, kids lie. (But so do adults.) The good news: If parents take a strong lead on a no-lying policy, most children will learn to walk the straight and narrow.

6 Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning to play an instrument can help your child fine-tune her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction.

Why? 9 Common Questions Kids Ask and How to Answer

Children love to ask why -- but you may not always have the answers. We consulted the experts to get smart responses for some common stumpers.

The Year Ahead: Age 4

There's plenty to get excited about this year (preschool!). Find out what lies in store as your child turns four.

Is Turnabout Fair Play? What Happens When Your Kid Starts Posting About YOU on Social Media

For years I have posted about my daughter on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So can I really be annoyed if I'm sometimes the subject of her Snapchats?

Need a Kid-Friendly Restaurant While on Vacation? Check OpenTable's New List

OpenTable's new list of the best kid-friendly restaurants in just made your vacation meal-planning so much easier.

The Lasting Impact of the Early Childhood Years

The experiences children have during their first five years have a tremendous impact on the development of their brains, their health, and their future as adults.

How to Talk to Kids About Puberty

It can be uncomfortable talking about the changes your child's body is going through. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives tips on how you can avoid an embarrassing dialogue.

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