Animal-Shaped Valentine's Day Cards

Turn paper hearts into adorable animal valentines that the kids can make.

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Dane Tashima

Lion Valentine

This jungle cat is ready to roarrr! Trace our lion-head template onto yellow paper and the mane onto orange (or pink) paper; cut both out. Crease the head so his mouth can open, and attach the portion above the crease to the mane with a glue stick. Cut a heart-shaped nose and tongue from pink and red paper, and glue both on along with some googly eyes. 

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Dane Tashima

Penguin Valentine

Hearts will melt over this colony of chill, candy-filled cuties! Trace our penguin template onto black and white paper, cut out, and assemble using a glue stick. Cut a beak and hearts for feet out of yellow paper, and attach along with googly eyes. Fold the wings around a bag of treats, and close with a sticker. 

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Peter Ardito

Frog Valentine

Cut paper into heart shapes to make this toad-ally adorable frog valentine.

What you'll need:
Spoon, craft paper, heart-shaped paper punch, scissors, marker, and glue

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Dane Tashima

Dachshund Valentine

Pint-size dachshund valentines will make your child the teacher's pet. Trace our puppy-body template onto colored paper; cut out. Fold and glue according to the template; hold in place with bobby pins until dry. Accessorize with marker eyes, a mini pom-pom nose, and a paper bow tie or hair bow. 

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Peter Ardito

Bird Valentine

Heart-shaped wings make this chick perfect for Valentine's Day.

What you'll need:
Solid and patterned craft paper, scissors, glue, paper clip, pen

Make it:
Download, print, trace, and cut out bird template.
2. Fold patterned paper in half and cut 3 1"-tall heart shapes. With them folded, glue 2 back halves of 2 hearts together. Then glue the back half of the third heart to the back of the second heart. Fan out and glue to top of bird's back.
3. Unfold a paper clip and glue it to the back of the bird's mouth.
4. Cut out a small heart, write a Valentine message, then glue it to the other end of the paper clip.

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Peter Ardito

Mouse Valentine

Keep this paper heart folded to make this critter come to life.

What you'll need:
Solid and/or patterned craft paper, scissors, glue, yarn, small black pom-pom, small pink pom-pom

Make it:
Fold a piece of craft paper and cut a heart that's about 5" tall and 4" wide (unfolded, but keep heart folded).
2. Cut a heart about 3/4" tall and glue it to the straight edge of the heart about 1 1/2" up from the bottom point.
3. Cut a 5"-long piece of yarn and glue it to the inside of the heart at the rounded end.
4. Glue on black pom-pom as eye and pink pom-pom as nose.

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Peter Ardito

Fox Valentine

This critter's heart-shaped face makes him so lovable.

What you'll need:
Solid and/or patterned craft paper, scissors, glue, small black pom-poms, pen

Make it:
Fold a piece of solid paper and cut an 8"-wide heart. Fold a contrasting paper and cut a 4?"-wide heart. Glue together, aligning bottom points.
2. Download the 2 ear and 2 tail templates. Trace and cut from paper; glue 2 ear shapes together and 2 tail shapes together. Glue to the back of the fox's head.
3. Glue on pom-poms as eyes and nose, and draw a small mouth shape with pen.

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Peter Ardito

Butterfly Valentine

A candy center makes this Valentine even sweeter.

What you'll need:
Solid and/or patterned craft paper, scissors, glue, vertical candy like Pez, Tootsie Roll, or Smarties, paper clip, small pom-poms

Make it:
Fold 3 pieces of paper in half and cut 3 hearts per sheet: 5" tall, 4" tall, and 2" tall.
2. Stack hearts, lining up bottom points, and glue together. Glue points of 2 large hearts together.
3. Cut 4 3/4" hearts and glue to the corners of the 4" hearts.
4. Wrap candy in paper and glue to the center where wings meet.
5. Unfold paper clip until straight, fold in half, and glue to back of candy as antennae. Glue pom-poms to the points.

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