Adorable Valentine's Day Crafts & Snacks

Your kiddos will love crafting and eating these love filled projects.

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Tara Donne

Hearts & Crafts

Teach your children that love is all around with a whimsical party of sweet valentine projects and charming eats and treats.

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Tara Donne

Yarn Heart Cards

Supply your guests with child-safe plastic needles to stitch adorable yarn cards.

See the next slide for instructions.

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Tara Donne

Yarn Heart Cards How-To:

What you'll need: Colored cardstock, scissors, tape, needle, plastic child-safe tapestry needles, colored yarn

Make it: Parent: Cut a 4"x8" piece of cardstock and fold in half. Print the heart template (download below) cut it out, and lightly tape to the front of the card. Unfold the card and lay it flat. Using the template as a guide, punch holes in the card with a needle; discard template. Child: Thread a tapestry needle with colored yarn and knot the end. Starting from the inside of the card, stitch yarn from side to side. Finish by knotting on the inside of the card and trimming any excess yarn.

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Have-a-Ball Valentine's Day Heart Card

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Tara Donne

Paper Blooms

A simple wooden spool covered in ribbon holds a precious flower bouquet.

See the next slide for instructions.

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Tara Donne

Paper Blooms How-To

What You'll Need: Cardstock, small circle and heart craft punches, straight pin, craft glue, cloth-covered floral wire, small buttons, wooden spool, grosgrain ribbon (same width as spool)

Make It: The Flowers Parent: Punch out a circle from cardstock and poke a small hole in the center with a straight pin. Child: Punch out five heart shapes and fold in half lengthwise for petals. Glue the petals around the circle, leaving the hole unobscured; set aside to dry. Thread one end of a length of floral wire through two holes on a button and twist to secure. Push the opposite end of the wire through the hole in the middle of the flower shape for a stem. Repeat to make more flowers. The Vase: Wrap a length of ribbon around the spool and glue to secure. Trim the flower stems and stick them into the spool to display.

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Pretty Cupcake-Liner Flowers

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Tara Donne

Flair and Square

Decorate simple sugar cookies with anything your heart desires!

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Tara Donne

Love Potion

Float ice cubes made from pomegranate juice in a tangy fruit smoothie.

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How to Make Strawberry Milk

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Tara Donne

Award Ribbons

Kids can wear their heart on their sleeve with cute Valentine award ribbons.

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Tara Donne

Award Ribbons How-To

What you'll need: Regular and mini decorative cupcake liners (available at, craft glue, craft punch or decorative-edge scissors, colored cardstock, markers, grosgrain ribbon, scissors, safety pin

Make it: Flatten out 3 cupcake liners (assorted sizes), stack them largest to smallest, and glue in place. Use a craft punch or decorative-edge scissors to make a center piece from colored cardstock. Write the title of the award on the center piece with markers and glue to the middle of the stack of liners. Fold a length of ribbon in half at an angle, then glue the folded end to the back of the liners and let dry. Trim ribbon to desired length and cut tails at both ends. Attach a safety pin to the back of the award at the ribbon fold and use to pin to recipient's clothing.

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Tara Donne

Made With Love

Give each child a craft kit on a traditional cafeteria tray full of supplies like paper, scissors, ribbon, and glue.

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Tara Donne

Flower Power

Guests can play she loves me/she loves me know when pulling a veggie petal to eat. Place small bowls of ranch or Thousand Island in the center for dipping.

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Valentine's Day Felt Hearts Garland Craft

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