Make It: Handmade Valentines

How To

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To make the project:

1. Measure and cut two 7" by 10" pieces of white or off-white paper. Use a ruler and the back of the cutting knife or a letter opener to score a line centered between the 10" edges of each piece of paper. Fold both pieces in half to form a card.

2. On one folded sheet, measure and mark a 4" square centered on the fold. Use the craft knife and ruler to cut the top and bottom edges of this inner square and to score the side edges of the square. Press the square forward so its fold comes inward to create your pop-out.

3. Ask your child to cut out hearts from various colored or patterned papers as well as squares from contrasting papers. The hearts should be cut to fit within the squares. Invite her to glue the hearts to the squares. Your child may create one large heart on a large square, two or three smaller ones that can be fanned out, or four that may be placed in a grid. Glue the hearts on the front of the uncut folded sheet of white paper. Encourage her to embellish the heart with glitter, crayons, paints, and so forth, as desired.

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