What Are You Thankful For?

I'm thankful for miracle babies...

After being told we would never have kids, then losing twins at six months, I am thankful for my son and my daughter! We proved the doctors wrong not once but twice! - Heather Ciemnoczolowski Rohde

I'm thankful for the unexpected, rare, identical triplet boys my husband and I are blessed to have. Today, they are 4-1/2 years old and we are still trying to figure out how and why we were given triplets. - Dee Postemski

After having five miscarriages, I am thankful to have been blessed with three beautiful, delicious, energetic boys.

I'm really thankful for the advanced medical technology that saved my preemie baby who was born at 25 weeks and weighed only less than 800 mg at birth. I still remember the first time I saw him in the incubator with all the lifesaving wires attached to his body. I'm really thankful that the doctors and nurses didn't give up. - Yvonne Tan

I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and had two open-heart surgeries and two heart catheterizations. She still needs another open-heart surgery, but she is the happiest, busiest, and funniest baby I've ever seen! She inspires me to appreciate the life we are given and enjoy every day I have with her. I've met so many amazing moms and dads of children with similar problems and I've cried for babies that just didn't make it. It all makes me thank God that he has blessed me with such an amazing daughter. - cogolicious

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