Thanksgiving Craft and Treat Videos

Whether you make a paper pilgrim hat or cute cupcake, celebrate the season with these 6 fall festive craft and treat videos.

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Thanksgiving Kid Craft: Pilgrim Hat

Watch this step-by-step video to make a paper pilgrim's hat for your Thanksgiving celebration.

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Thanksgiving Kid Craft: Mayflower Centerpiece

Craft a paper Mayflower centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration.

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Thanksgiving Treat: Fox Pumpkin Pie

Learn how to turn a slice of pumpkin pie into an adorable fox.

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Make a Pilgrim-Hat Dip Station

Transform paper cups and craft paper into a festive veggie holder.

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Corny Cookies

These candy-topped treats are a sweet addition to your feast or a Thanksgiving school party.

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Cute Gobbler Cupcakes

When you need a great Thanksgiving or a school party treat, these tasty turkeys fit the bill.

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