Creative Fall Wreaths: Pumpkins, Pom-Poms & More!

December isn't the only month to adorn your door with a wreath. Check out these creative autumn wreaths that can live on and around your home before Santa comes knocking!

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Puffy Pom-Pom Wreath

Create this adorable wreath featuring yarn in all your favorite fall colors. Just start with a straw wreath, wrap a base fabric around it, then tie the pom-poms on until your wreath is full.

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Kim Cornelison

Fall Bounty Wreath

Combine all of the glories fall has to offer in one lovely wreath! Attach pinecones, mums, leaves, and daisies to a foam wreath using greening pins. Use hot glue where necessary to secure pieces in place.

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Aimee Herring

Paint-by-Nature Wreath

A little paint brings a front-door wreath of acorns, pinecones, twigs, and walnuts to life. First paint about 30-40 nuts various autumn colors. Meanwhile, hot-glue leaves, pinecones, and twigs to the wreath and spray-paint the entire thing white. When dry, hot glue the colorful nuts to wreath as shown. Then, tie a ribbon on the wreath to hang.

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Marty Baldwin

Pumpkin & Gourd Wreath

Use your leftover mini pumpkins from Halloween to make this lovely fall wreath. Simply stick toothpicks in the pumpkins to affix them to the straw wreath and hot-glue them in place along with gourds and colorful leaves.

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Harvest Wreath

Decorate a grapevine wreath with leaves, nuts, and acorns.

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Colorful Pom-Pom Wreath

For this cheery wreath, simply thread colorful felted balls onto string and wrap around a straw wreath until the entire surface is covered.

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Autumn Polaroid Wreath

To make this urban wreath, wrap a foam frame in orange fabric and attach Polaroid snapshots of all your favorite fall scenes.

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Blaine Moats

Cornhusk Sunburst

For an easy, long-lasting wreath, cover an 8-inch straw wreath form with cornhusks. Add husks one by one, spreading hot glue on the bottom half the husk and wrapping it around the wreath. Repeat until the whole form is covered; hang with a piece of raffia.

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Alexandra Grablewski

Jack-o'-Lantern Wreath

To make this fall wreath, cut a cardboard circle to cover the back of wreath form; attach with hot glue. Place on flat surface, cardboard side down, and fill center with cotton batting until top of mound sits about 2 inches higher than the wreath form. Cut strips of orange burlap for wreath covering. Glue one end of each strip to the cardboard back, then stretch all the way around the wreath and secure other end with glue. Repeat for each strip, working in a circular motion until form is completely covered with burlap. Cut out facial features from crafts foam and adhere to rounded side of wreath with hot glue. Loop a piece of green ribbon through the top strip of the wreath to create the pumpkin's stem. Hang with fishing line.

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How to Make a Wicked Witch's Wreath

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Birch Log Wreath

Attach birch log segments in the shape of a wreath and decorate with your favorite holiday accents for a fresh look that works either indoors or out.

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Fabric Scrap Wreath

Make the most of leftover fabric scraps by tying them onto a wire wreath form. Then, embellish with crocheted flowers and leaves for a cheery decoration you can leave up year-round.

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Book Page Wreath

Turn a couple of worn-out paperbacks into an indoor wreath, perfect for any room of the house. Try using glossy magazine pages if you want to add pops of color.

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Helen Norman

Colorful Corn Wreath

Dried Indian corn cobs affixed to a foam wreath form fan out to make a festive autumn decoration.

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Paper Leaf Wreath

This smartly designed wreath uses pretty patterned wrapping paper in the shape of leaves. Make it your own by substituting your favorite scrapbook paper or even comic book pages.

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Jason Wilde

Color Burst Wreath

Brightly painted cattail leaves and heads can transform a wire wreath form into a cheery door decoration. Start with a circular cardboard base, then arrange colored cattails and leaves in a sunburst. To finish, place a small acorn cap in the center of the wreath.

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Recycled Paper Posy Wreath

This easy-to-make wreath uses paper scraps to their full advantage. To make it, just fold paper pieces in an accordion pattern and arrange in a circle, or "posy" shape.

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Fall Wreath Makeover

Try this fresh idea for reviving your old fall wreaths. Simply glue bold fabric cutouts to twigs from your yard and add them into an existing leaf wreath.

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