Thanksgiving Crafts & Goodies

Tree of Thanks

This (Thanks)giving tree is bound to become a new holiday tradition.

What you need:
Card stock in assorted autumnal colors
1/8" hole punch
Wire or twine
2 or 3 tree branches, about 4' long
Vase or flowerpot
Pebbles or small stones, enough to fill vase
Assorted leaves

To make:
1. Trace leaves onto card stock and cut out.
2. Punch a hole into the stem of each leaf.
3. Measure and cut a 2" length of wire or twine for each leaf. Thread it through the hole and bend the ends to make a hook for hanging.
4. Fill the pot halfway with stones. Place tree branches in the pot and add more stones to hold them in place.
5. Let your children (or guests, if you prefer to make this a part of your holiday dinner rituals) choose a leaf or two and ask them to jot down things that they're thankful for.

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