Thanksgiving Crafts & Goodies

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit with these easy projects.

Name Frames

When dinner's through, these festive felt place cards can be used to display photos of your little guests, taken on this special day.

What you need:
Brown kraft paper 
Orange, yellow, green, brown, and tan felt squares
Fabric scissors
Scallop fabric shears
Craft glue
Yellow yarn
Yarn needle
Leaf and acorn templates*

To make:
1. Cut a 6"x5" rectangle from cardboard and a 6"x5" rectangle from kraft paper.
2. Glue kraft paper to cardboard.
3. To make the frame, cut a 6"x5" rectangle from the yellow felt. Cut out center by folding the felt in half lengthwise and cutting out a rectangle 1" in from the sides. The outside rectangle is your frame. Unfold and glue over kraft paper.
4. Next, cut a 7 1/2"x6" rectangle from orange felt using scallop fabric shears. Cut out center by folding in half lengthwise and using scallop fabric shears to cut out rectangle 2" in from sides.
5. Glue the 7 1/2"x6" rectangle on top of the yellow felt to make a double frame.
6. To create decorative accents, trace leaf and acorn templates* on felt, cut out, and glue to face of frame.
7. Write the name of a guest in marker on the kraft paper inside frame.

To hang:
Cut two 6" strands of yarn. Fold each strand of yarn in half to form a loop, and glue the folded end to the back of the frame, leaving the loose ends free. Using the loose ends of the yarn, tie the frame to the back of the chair.

* You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. If you don't have this program, click below for a free download.

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