Simple Turkey Day Crafts

Friendly Fowl

Friendly Fowl

What you'll need: Solid-color adult- and child-size socks, scissors, pinking shears, dried beans, twist ties, stiffened or regular felt in assorted colors, one large and two tiny pom-poms for each turkey, fabric glue

How to make it: Cut off the top of each sock. Leave about 6 inches to the toe for each adult sock and 5 inches to the toe for each child's sock. Fill a sock with beans until it is two-thirds full. Gather the sock's opening, and close with a twist tie. Pull sock edges down and over exposed twist tie; glue to secure. Use pinking shears to cut out 6 turkey "feathers" from felt and glue over this area; this will be the back of the turkey. Cut out a felt wattle and beak; glue them to the front of a large pom-pom. Glue on two tiny pom-poms for eyes. When dry, glue head to the front of the turkey.

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