Simple Turkey Day Crafts

Signs of the Time

Turkey Sign

girl holding her Thanksgiving craft

Tria Giovan

What you'll need: One 15-x-9-inch piece of foam core, pencil, Mod Podge, foam brush, 6 ounces quinoa or similar grain, 1/4 cup each assorted dried beans, large tray

How to make it: Use a pencil to write "Gobble Gobble" (or another holiday message) onto foam core. Apply a layer of Mod Podge onto foam core. Working over a large tray, sprinkle quinoa over surface; let dry. (Try not to cover the letters too heavily.) Then, glue on beans to spell out your message; let dry. Glue more beans around the edges of foam to create a border; let dry. If you'd like to hang the sign, glue a large loop of ribbon or raffia onto the back.

Your Place or Mine?

rock place cards

Tria Giovan

What you'll need: Smooth rocks, craft paint, paintbrushes

How to make it: Make sure rocks are clean and dry. Paint designs onto rocks; let dry, then paint on the names of each of your guests. Use rocks as place cards.

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