Cool Indian Corn Magnets

This Thanksgiving, dress up your fridge with a fun magnet project!

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Kid-friendly scissors
12-inch chenille stem
11mm tri-beads in red, gold, orange, and clear
Tacky glue
Small round magnet

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Step 1

Cut the chenille stem in half and form an X. Wrap one stem around the center of the X twice, leaving a short length of the stem. Bend the three remaining stems to form an Indian corn shape.

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Step 2

String beads on each of the three long stems, alternating colors. Bend the end of each stem to secure.

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Step 3

Knot a piece of raffia around the short stem. Glue a magnet to the back.

SAFETY NOTE: Beads and magnets pose a hazard to children under age 3.

Copyright © 2004. Used with permission from the November 2004 issue of Parents magazine.

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