Simply Adorable Thanksgiving Crafts

Out Thanksgiving crafts are simple enough to finish while the bird is roasting. With little bits of nature and a lot of imagination, your table will thrill Pilgrims of all ages.

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Buff Strickland

A Stylish Sentiment

Your kids can make this special centerpiece, and you don't have to spend a ton on flowers for the table.

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Buff Strickland

Hot Stuff

Design an asterisk using masking tape on a wood round. Paint each section a different color to create a bold graphic trivet.

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Crafts for Kids: Mama and Papa Fox

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Buff Strickland

Ring Around the Napkin

Pop off the nut portion of an acorn and glue a pom-pom in its place. Trim to create a conical shape, then tie string to the stem.

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Buff Strickland

Places, Everyone!

Corks, bobby pins, and a few basic craft supplies combine to make cute turkey place cards.

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Buff Strickland

Branching Out

These hand-stamped muslin place mats can be used year after year.

Originally published in the November 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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