Special Gifts for Mom!

Whether her passion is going green or getting fit, there's a gift idea here for your favorite mom.

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    What Moms Love

    Moms are a sentimental bunch. In fact, in a recent survey, Motherboard Moms told us they cherish anything that is made for them by their children—from drawings and homemade note cards to ornaments and wreaths made of noodles.

    But, let's be honest, what mom wouldn't like a gift that celebrates one of her passions other than her kids? That's why we asked Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil (ONeilSisters.com) to put together theme gift baskets just for moms. Whether you're buying for your own mother or need some hints to drop for yourself, check out this smorgasbord of ideas. Choose one item, build the whole package, or simply use these baskets to inspire your own perfect mom gift.

    Gardening Mom
    For a mom with a green thumb, gather gardening goodies inside a pail she can use in the spring. Stock it with useful items for every season—from a special tulip planting tool to a snazzy new sprayer. Mom will love unpacking each little treasure and will appreciate all the thought put into this unique present.

    Gift basket tip: No matter your gift basket theme, make the container something special. In the case of a gardening gift, you could also choose gardening boots or watering can. And always tuck in a bit of a surprise, like the flowery gloves and the bejeweled garden butterfly.

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    Spa Mama

    For the busy mom who needs a spa day (and that describes all of the moms we know!), fill a pretty hatbox with little luxuries. You might include moisturizer, bubble bath, scented candles, a scrubbie, and something delish like a chocolate bar, a tin of hazelnut hot cocoa, or chocolate-covered cherries. Add fun items like cupcake lip balm, vanilla sugar soaps, and fluffy socks.

    Gift basket tip: The trick to creating a basket that looks full is the careful placement of items. Fill the bottom of the hatbox and cover it with tissue paper as a base. Then position gifts according to height and size so that every item can be seen. Fill in any gaps with tissue and the smaller objects. Don't be afraid to use a little tape on the back to keep the goodies in place. And don't be stingy with the tissue!

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    Mom the Chef

    You may think that the mom who likes to cook has everything, but even the gourmand won't be able to resist veggie-shaped measuring cups and spoons. Once you've selected these starring ingredients, add complementary items like a green grater with an ergonomic handle, colorful spatulas, and a playful pear timer.

    Gift basket tip: Color is a great way to pull together the whole look of any gift basket. Pick the signature item (in this basket it's the measuring cups and spoons) and then buy others to match the color story. Keep the color theme going with a coordinating dishtowel. Finish off with exotic spices, infused oils, and aged vinegar. Bon appétit!

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    Sporty Mom

    For the all-star athletic mom, go for a soft-sided cooler she can use on the go. Fill it with gadgets like a pedometer and stopwatch, then add such essentials as UV-protective sunglasses, sunscreen, energy bars, and a water bottle with a handy carabineer clip.

    Gift basket tip: Another lovely thing about baskets is you can make them any price. If you want to spend a little more, add an iTunes gift card or go all out with a new iPod tucked into a wearable armband. She'll be inspired to run a marathon!

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    Crafty Mom

    A roomy tote with pockets inside and out is a dream container for the crafty mom. If she is a scrapbooker, load it up with decorative-edge scissors, bottles of rhinestones, and jars of flower embellishments. For a beading mom, tuck in a project board and tubes of glass beads, crystals, and gemstones. Knitting mom will love skeins of funky yarns, specialized needles, and the latest book of knitting projects.

    Gift basket tip: Once you choose your fun receptacle for your gift, simply carry the tote around the store and fill 'er up!

  • Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

    Eco-Chic Mom

    If Mom is eco-chic, theme the package around her interest in the environment. Begin with a reusable lunch bag made from eco-spun plastic bottles. Pack it with earth-friendly goods she'll enjoy like a fair-trade scarf, a recycled-paper journal, and a cute reusable shopping bag that rolls into a ball. Add in cruelty-free lotion, ethically sourced Bumble Bars, and organic green tea.

    Gift basket tip: Finishing touches can make or break a gift. For the eco-chic mom, tie on a luggage tag featuring a happy planet. Or, add that sentimental touch—a card made from an old photograph, a scrawled note or artwork from a child or grandchild—to make mom swoon.