8 Ways to Help Kids Make New Year's Resolutions

Make Family Resolutions Together

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Resolutions also bring families closer, especially when you decide to set goals together. Families could plan to do one charitable thing a month and brainstorm about what that might be. You could pick up trash in the park or donate used clothes and toys to a shelter. "As long as you're working on it together, that's great," Kolari says.

Another idea is for everyone to make two personal New Year's resolutions and two collective family resolutions such as, "Let's visit Grandma more often" or "Let's plan a trip to Disney World."

Many parents suggest doing acts of kindness as part of family New Year's resolutions. "Kindness is the habit holy grail," Dr. Carter says. "It's so universally positive. When kids consciously practice being kinder, it makes them happier people and the world is a better place. As a family, my kids and I think of the people in our lives we can help and we pick one to focus on during the week. For example, we have a neighbor who's retired and loves it when the kids stop and talk for a while. You can't force kids to be kind, but you can float the idea and hope they'll be inspired."

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