Favorite Mother's Day Memories

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Weed Bouquet

I remember one Mother's Day we had these weeds growing along the fence by our house. My 6-year-old mind thought they were beautiful flowers. So I picked a handful of those awful blooms and presented them to my mommy for Mother's Day. My little heart swelled with pride when my mother told me, with the biggest smile, how beautiful they were and that it was the best mother's day gift she ever got. She displayed them in her best vase for everyone to see. That was over 30 years ago, and it is still fresh in my mind. She's gone now, but memories of her are etched in my heart forever and always. --Alexander's Grandma

Sunday Best

My family isn't real big on presents for holidays other than Christmas. Growing up we were very poor so buying things for Mother's Day or Father's Day was never an option. A few years ago my mom was feeling a little down because her church does something special for mothers on Mother's Day, and my mom was not looking forward to wearing the same old thing. So I took it upon myself to get her a new outfit. I looked for a long time and finally found a great outfit, though I had to guess her size. Well, she loved the outfit and it fit perfectly! And Sunday morning she was so proud -- I've never been happier. I probably owe her a couple hundred new dresses for everything she's done for me! --deverno

Yard Work

Every year, my dad would take us kids shopping for Mother's Day and offer suggestions for what Mom might like. Well Mother's Day being in May and Dad being a guy, he always suggested lawn maintenance items! We were all under 8 and still thought our parents knew everything, so we took Dad's advice wholeheartedly. My poor mother got garden hoses, sprinklers, and hose attachments. One year she even got a yard of topsoil delivered the day before Mother's Day! But she always acted as though it was the best gift ever, and we kids were always so excited to give Mom exactly what she "wanted"! It sounds funny, but I can't wait until one of my kids gives me an equally thoughtful, but misguided, gift so I can tell them how much I love it and see that excited look on their faces! --Ethans_mommy

Lunch Money

When I was 11 I skipped lunch and saved my lunch money for a week. I went to the store and bought my mom some lipstick, a jewelry box, and a cute faux-pearl bracelet. I was so nervous giving it to her because I thought she might not like it. But she still has the bracelet and even saved the box. --MadPreggie

Favorite Teachers

I'm not a mom yet, but my favorite Mother's Day was my first year of teaching art. I was in an elementary school, and that week we were making paper flowers and cards for the children's mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers. Friday, before the end of day, one of the second-graders came into my room with his hands behind his back. He came to me and placed a card and a small candy bar on my desk without saying a word. The construction paper card had flowers drawn on the front with "Happy Mother's Day" written on it. I opened it and inside it said "I love you! I love art! You are my favorite teacher!" It was my first Mother's Day present, and I still have it to this day. --kiki2003

The Best Gift of All

My due date is May 14th. The best Mother's Day gift would be to have my son on Mother's Day. --jessicapetway


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