20 Ways to Pamper Mom

Make this Mother's Day her most memorable yet with these thoughtful gift ideas.


Mother's Day gifts may come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most is that they come from the heart. To inspire you, we've suggested ways to make 10 classic Mother's Day gifts more personal. Whether you choose the luxurious or kids-can-help option, one thing is for sure -- you're guaranteed to make Mom smile on her special day.

The Gift: Breakfast in Bed

Luxurious: A meal ordered and picked up from her favorite restaurant.

Kids-Can-Help: A special menu planned by the little ones and served on a hand-painted plate.

    The Gift: Flowers

    Luxurious: A bouquet of store-bought flowers in every room.

    Kids-Can-Help: Flowers made from tissue paper or hand-picked from your garden.

      The Gift: Spa Experience

      Luxurious: A gift certificate to a spa like Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon & Spa (www.elizabetharden.com) or Georgette Klinger (www.georgetteklinger.com).

      Kids-Can-Help: A homemade facial made from ingredients found in the kitchen or a relaxing scalp massage.

        The Gift: Jewelry

        Luxurious Version: A necklace with her kids' birthstones.

        Kids-Can-Help: A handmade bracelet of colorful beads.

          The Gift: Bath Products

          Luxurious: Scented bath soaps and salts from a store like Fresh (www.fresh.com), Bath Plantation (www.bathplantation.com), or Bath & Body Works (www.bathandbodyworks.com).

            The Gift: Comfy pillow

            Luxurious: A luxe satin or brocade lounge pillow.

            Kids-Can-Help: A throw pillow made from your kids' favorite outgrown T-shirt or a small sachet decorated with fabric paint.

              The Gift: Artistic Keepsake

              Luxurious: A family photograph placed in a gorgeous frame.

              Kids-Can-Help: A scrapbook of family pictures or your children's artwork displayed in a frame.

                The Gift: Slippers

                Luxurious: A fleece-lined pair in pretty spring colors from Amy Jo Gladstone (www.amyjogladstone.com).

                Kids-Can-Help: Solid-color slippers with designs kids can glue on with sequins.

                  The Gift: Chocolate

                  Luxurious: A box from Godiva (www.godiva.com).

                  Kids-Can-Help: Hand-dipped chocolate-covered pretzels or Rice Krispies treats with a Mother's Day message spelled out in sprinkles or chocolate chips.

                    The Gift: Quiet Time

                    Luxurious: A maid and/or babysitter you hire for the week.

                    Kids-Can-Help: Handmade coupons for household chores Mom can redeem or a house that's spotless when she wakes up.

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