Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sentimental Gifts

Bouquet of flowers

There's nothing like being surprised by a soft, fragrant bouquet of flowers. Flowers say "I love you, I appreciate you, and you're special." Roses are a favorite because of their beauty and elegance. Spring flowers are bright, fragrant, and symbolize new life. The simplicity of a bouquet of wildflowers is guaranteed to melt a mother's heart. But a gift of flowers doesn't have to be fleeting. You can find beautiful silk flower arrangements that look strikingly real. Not only will these last for years, but they can be misted with scented spray so you don't have to miss out on the fragrance!

A baby memories kit

Is there a pregnant mom you want to surprise with something she'll really treasure this Mother's Day? Put together a Baby Memories Kit including items such as a baby book, shoe bronzing kit, baby photo frame, and calendar with enough space to write a daily entry about baby. Put everything in a decorated memory box large enough to hold treasured items through the years.

A poem

Poetry is perhaps the most sentimental Mother's Day gift of all. Mom will feel very touched to hear of your love and appreciation for her in the form of a poem. It's very sweet if you write your own poem (don't worry, it's the substance and not the form she's looking for). But if you're not inclined to write, you can borrow from her favorite poet. To add a special touch to the poem, add a child's handprint and present it to her in a pretty frame.

Other favorites from readers

  • A hand-embroidered quilt
  • A homemade ornament
  • A framed photo of a newborn child
  • A mug with child's picture on it
  • A book of handmade coupons from child
  • T-shirt with child's handprints on it
  • A "mom and baby" set of teddy bears

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