Mother's Day Gift Guide

Practical Gifts

A breadmaker

What could be a better gift for the family's favorite nurturer? Not only is warm, fresh-baked bread a treat for the senses, but just the aroma of baking bread seems to feed the soul. Breadmakers are easy and fun to use. You can also buy specialty mixes to make different flavors of bread. It's a great way to spend some quality family time in the kitchen, as kids can help by pouring in the mix and selecting flavorings for the bread.

Gardening gift basket

Do you know a mom who's a born nurturer? Give her a pretty spring basket filled with gardening gloves, tools, seeds, and scented lotion to help her keep her hands smooth after gardening. It's a gift that's both practical and beautiful. She can have fresh flowers or vegetables all summer, and she'll be reminded of how much she's appreciated every time she looks at her lovely garden.

A housecleaning service

Mom will gasp with delight when she realizes she's been given a gift certificate for housecleaning services. You can give a one-time seasonal cleaning, or if you want to splurge you can sign her up for a whole year of once-a-week cleaning services. What you're really giving her is the gift of time -- to do something for herself instead of for the household. At the same time you're gifting her (and the whole family) with a clean, enjoyable living environment. Everyone's happy!

Other favorites from readers

  • A cellular phone
  • A blender to make baby food
  • Bright spring clothing
  • A large shoulder bag
  • A gift basket of shiny new cooking utensils
  • A painted can with handmade soap in it

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