Mother's Day Gift Guide

Extravagant Gifts

A digital camera

Nobody sees more photo opportunities every day than a mom! That's why a digital camera is a favorite -- albeit pricey -- gift for any mother. One benefit of digital cameras over traditional ones is that you're able to see your photos immediately after you take them. Digital cameras also allow you to touch up or jazz up your photos by adding color or special effects and removing "red eye."

A great getaway

Take me away from it all! This is every mom's secret wish: to go somewhere she can relax, have a change of scenery, and have some fun! Whether it's Vegas or the Caribbean, the extravagance of opening up a Mother's Day card with a travel itinerary tucked inside will elicit a shriek of joy from any mom. Just be sure that solid child-care plans are included. It's not a fun getaway if Mom is worried about the kids!

Expensive perfume

Mom will love being treated to a bottle of perfume she might not normally buy herself because it's too expensive. Perfume will delight her senses, and every time she catches the scent it will remind her that she's appreciated. To really spoil Mom, buy her a set that comes with lotion, powder, and perfume for a longer-lasting and skin-silkening experience.

Other favorites from readers

  • A convertible
  • A new house
  • A diamond ring
  • A room full of roses

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