Martin Luther King Jr. Day Primer

Learn about this special holiday in January with our guide to Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day honors the famous American civil rights leader who dedicated his life to achieving equality for people of all colors. Although few kids would question a day off from school, some may wonder why there is an entire day devoted to one man. Dr. King's message of peace and justice touched many Americans. The national holiday that remembers him is a time to learn about history and reflect on some valuable messages that are still meaningful today.

Get The Facts

When: The third Monday in January, near Dr. King's birthday on January 15th

First Year as a National Holiday: 1983; it took 15 years to pass through congress

President Who Made the Day a National Holiday: Ronald Reagan

Ways to Learn and Remember:

Read a Book

So many great stories have been written to teach about Dr. King and the civil rights movement. Read one of our favorites to start the conversation.

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