Fourth of July Parade Decorations

Round up the neighborhood kids and deck them (and their rides) out in all things July 4th. A festive motorcade will get everyone in the mood for fireworks and hot dogs!

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Heather Weston

Wheely Cute

Streamers, ribbon, and Fun Fringe ($6) dress up bikes, trikes, scooters, and wagons for the parade.

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Heather Weston

Wild Flower

These festive blooms are easy to make by layering painted coffee filters.


3 coffee filters
Red and blue paint
Chenille stem
Bobby pin or rubber band

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Peter Ardito

Wild Flower: Step 1

Paint the inside of a coffee filter red and another blue. You only have to coat the ruffled edges of the filter. Let dry.

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Peter Ardito

Wild Flower: Step 2

Stack 3 filters and puncture the center with a chenille stem. Wind 1" of the chenille stem in a knot in the inside of flower. Bunch filters in back and wrap 2" of stem around them tightly to secure.

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Peter Ardito

Wild Flower: Step 3

Fluff the coffee-filter layers to form a flower and attach it to a bobby pin or a rubber band using the chenille stem.

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Heather Weston

Quirky Crown

Believe it or not, this hat is made from duct tape and drinking straws!


Fabric measuring tape
Duct tape
7-10 drinking straws
Metallic chenille stems
Letter stickers

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Peter Ardito

Quirky Crown: Step 1

Measure around child's head. Cut a piece of tape 1" to 2" longer than that length. With sticky side up, place straws on tape. Cover with another piece of tape.

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Peter Ardito

Quirky Crown: Step 2

Twirl the ends of the metallic chenille stems around your pointer finger, and insert one into the hole of each straw.

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Peter Ardito

Quirky Crown: Step 3

Spell out the child's name with letter stickers across the front. Attach a small piece of tape to the two ends to form the crown.

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Heather Weston

Sparkler Sticks

Attach curly gift ribbons ($1) to a dowel to make a simple baton that's fun to shake.

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Heather Weston

Draggin' Wagon

Make this adorable noisemaker with colored tape and recycled tin cans.


Tin cans
Colored tape
Office dot stickers
Clear packing tape
Twine or ribbon

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Peter Ardito

Draggin' Wagon: Step 1

Wash cans and let dry. Place screwdriver on closed end of can and make a hole by tapping with a hammer.

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Peter Ardito

Draggin' Wagon: Step 2

Decorate cans with colored tape and dot stickers, and cover surface with clear packing tape to protect from scrapes.

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Peter Ardito

Draggin' Wagon: Step 3

Thread twine through the hole and make a knot on the inside of the can. Cut the string at least 2' long and tie securely to the back of the wagon.

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