4th of July

For kids, July 4th is a fun-filled day of red, white, and blue. See a parade, enjoy classic picnic foods, and be sure to plan to stay up late for fireworks. Here are tips and ideas to make this holiday fun and safe for everyone.

Firecracker Flags

Show your stripes (and stars) with twirly paper wind socks.

10 Ways to Teach Kids to Love America

Now is a great time to explain to your children what makes our country so special. And if you're inspired to jump right in, we've got a list of great kids' books about the U.S. and lyrics to some grand old patriotic songs.

Summer Backyard BBQ

Nothing says summer quite like the smoky-sweet flavor of a backyard BBQ. Here are some cool ways to beat the heat and fuel summer fun. It's time to grab your tongs, fire up the grill, and get cooking!

Fun July 4th Ideas!

Celebrate July 4th with this collection of great games, decorations, crafts, recipes, and more -- all perfect for an Independence Day party!

Parade Coloring Book Page

Strike up the band and color away!

Fun Fourth of July Picnic Ideas

Declare your independence from a hot grill this July Fourth. Gather the gang for a make-ahead meal and games, then spread your blanket, kick back, and focus on the fireworks.

12 Patriotic Things to Do This Summer

Have some all-American fun with these just-right-for-summer ideas.

July 4th Confetti Popper

Instructions for making a colorful Fourth of Julyconfetti launcher.

Fourth of July Parade Decorations

Round up the neighborhood kids and deck them (and their rides) out in all things July 4th. A festive motorcade will get everyone in the mood for fireworks and hot dogs!

July 4th Lady Liberty Crown

Instructions for making a Fourth of July crown from craft foam.

5 Easy Grilled Summer Salads

We'll show you how to create a delicious summer salad that's easy to fix -- plus, your kids will love it!

Fourth of July Parade Stick Craft

Celebrate July 4th with these glittery, star-spangled batons.

Star Spangled Wind Socks

Show your stripes (and stars) with twirly paper wind socks.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are part of many Fourth of July celebrations. But even the seemingly harmless ones -- like sparklers -- can be dangerous, especially to kids. Here's what you need to know to keep your family safe.

Deliciously Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Healthy and hassle-free grilling recipes your kids will love.

American Baby's Favorite Patriotic Babies

Some of our favorite picks of cute kids celebrating the birth of our nation this Fourth of July.

Celebrate Freedom!

This 4th of July, bring out the patriotic spirit in your child with our fun and simple printables.

Stars and Stripes

Color the U.S. Flag white for purity and innocence, red for hardiness and valor, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. (Or whatever colors your kid's creative mind decides!)

Sizzling Summer Sandwiches

Say hello to the sunny season with our tasty summertime sandwich creations.

July 4th Fun

Celebrate America's independence with festive crafts, activities, and snacks!

Patriotic Puddings

Get fired up for a festive Fourth with these irresistible kid-size treats.

Patriotic Pinwheels

Let your child give this easy project a whirl.

Tips For Gluten-Free Summer Cookouts

Video courtesy of Nationwide Childrens Hospital.

Show the Troops!

Here are some ways to support U.S. troops and their families.

July 4th Patriotic Pops

Instructions for making a fruity Fourth of July treat.

Picnic Coloring Book Page

A coloring book page that's good enough to eat!

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