Spooky Halloween Snacks and Treats

Celebrate the season with these fun and spooky snacks and sweets!

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Dane Tashima

Furry Wolf Spiders

Little hands can help roll and assemble these eight-legged creepers. 

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Dane Tashima

Bloodshot Deviled Eggs

These eye-popping snacks are a protein-packed treat for little tricksters. 

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Skull Sandwiches

These sandwiches make creepy (but healthy!) lunchbox fare. Find the Wilton cookie cutter we used at Amazon.com.

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Dane Tashima

Mini Cheese Monsters

Transform your Baybel cheese wheels into mini monsters with the help of a pair of craft scissors and some candy eyes.

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Dane Tashima

FrankenGuac with Veggies

Make our easy guacamole, or pick up store-bought guac for even quicker prep. 

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Dane Tashima

Pretzel Mummies

These classroom-worthy treats can be made up to 24 hours ahead.

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Whipped cream forms the final layer of a tricolored treat inspired by the quintessential Halloween candy.

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Jeepers Peepers

Serve these savory bites -- made with a kid-friendly combo of cheese and crackers -- and watch them disappear in a blink of the eye. For each, halve a mozzarella ball and place one half on a round cracker (we used melba toast). Add veins, using thinly sliced roasted red bell pepper, as shown, and a black olive slice for the pupil.

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Wickedly Tasty Witch

We've cleverly crafted a scene pulled right from Dorothy's famous adventure. Complete with a chocolate graham cracker roof, licorice legs, and molded taffy shoes, each sweet rendition is a whimsical nod to a (not-so-) beloved character.

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Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Slithering Breadsticks

Let them eat snake! Pepperoni and poppy seeds give our serpentine snacks distinctive markings.

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Photograph by Bill Milne


Made with store-bought cookies and candies, these green monsters are easy for party guests to assemble in a home laboratory.

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Creepy Crawlers

This swarm of edible insects may look too repulsive to eat, but their various parts -- nutritious goodies, such as dates, raisins, banana chips, and apricots -- make them delightfully sweet.

For each bug, start with a dried fruit body as noted, then add various parts by pushing them into place. If needed, use a toothpick or paring knife to first make small holes or slits.

Bug-eyed Spider Body: whole date; Legs: chow mein noodles; Eyes: white chocolate chips

Tiny Flies Bodies: raisins; Wings: almond slices

Monster Fly Body: whole date; Legs: chow mein noodles; Eyes: sunflower seeds; Wings: banana chips

Orange Creepers Bodies: apricots; Legs: sunflower seeds; Antennae: chow mein noodles

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Photograph by Bill Milne

Glowing-Eyed Ghouls

These bootiful meringue ghosts can be quickly made by the trayful. Their button candy eyes will brighten any table.

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Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes

This creepy crawler of a cupcake is popular with web slingers of all sizes.

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Daddy Longlegs Cupcake

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Pumpkin Patch Dippers

Orange you glad to have a healthy snack to serve this Halloween season?

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Pumpkin Patch Dippers

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Scrumptious Skeleton Cupcakes

This frosted Halloween treat will tickle your funny bone.

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Scrumptious Skeleton Cupcakes

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Mini Monster Cupcakes

These monster-headed cupcakes will be a sweet surprise for your little goblins.

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Mini Monster Cupcakes

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Sweet Skull Cupcakes

Make no bones about it, partygoers will get a scream out of this playful treat.

Originally published in the October 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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Sweet Skull Cupcakes

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