The Cutest Costumes on the Block

Hippie Chick

What you need:


Pair of boot-cut jeans, one sheet of 30 x 20 inch brown kraft paper, bright-colored card stock, Velcro strips, glue gun, pencil, scissors, Marvy/Uchida paper punches (flower: SJCP-60; 10 inch circle: JCP-51; and small circle: CP-40).

To make vest:

Fold sheet of brown kraft paper in half so that it measures 16 x 20 inches. Enlarge vest pattern as needed, and cut out. Trace vest pattern as shown onto folded piece of brown kraft paper, and cut out. Unfold, and press with cool iron to smooth. Cut strips of fringe, approximately 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the vest. Lay vest down, and fold front pieces in to form vest shape. Glue front shoulders to back shoulders using a 1/4 inch overlap. Use flower-shaped craft punches to make a template for larger flowers, or draw your own onto colored card stock. Glue flowers to vest and jeans.

To make headband:

Cut a strip of brown kraft paper to fit your child's head, making sure to leave a few inches for adjustments. Use flower-shaped and circle craft punches to create smaller flowers from colored card stock. Glue flowers to headband, and use Velcro strips to attach.

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