The Cutest Costumes on the Block

Mesmerizing Mermaid

What you need:


A-line cotton or jersey-knit nightgown, approximately 210 aluminum cupcake liners, one large roll of green corrugated paper, green glitter glue, starfish, glue gun, barrette or hair comb.

To make:

Open the side seams of the nightgown 7 1/2 inch up from the bottom. To accommodate the tail fin, fold opened seams in on an angle so that the bottom of the nightgown is now 11 1/2 inch wide. Starting at the bottom front of the nightgown, overlap and glue a row of flattened cupcake liners. Repeat until entire front side is covered. Turn over, and repeat on the back. When finished, add a final layer to each side, just above the 7 1/2 inch opening. Enlarge shell top and tail fin templates as needed, and cut out. Trace onto green corrugated paper, and cut out. Decorate with glitter glue. Use a glue gun to attach to nightgown.

To make starfish barrette:

Glue a store-bought starfish to a barrette or hair comb, and place in hair.

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