The Cutest Costumes on the Block

Baby Bee

What you need:


White bodysuit, white pilot cap, Rit fabric dye (black #15), two packages of fringe garland (one yellow and one black), four chenille stems (two yellow and two black), two sheets of textured black art paper (poster-board size), yellow cellophane, Velcro strips, glue gun, utility knife, pencil.

To make body:

Follow package instructions to dye bodysuit and pilot cap black (make sure to wash both items before you begin). Using a glue gun, attach a section of black fringe garland 1/40 below the bodysuit's collar. For a thicker stripe, glue a second layer of black below the first, on the front side of the bodysuit only. Glue two layers of yellow below the black. Continue to glue double layers, alternating colors until you have four rows of black and three rows of yellow fringe. (To prevent glue from seeping through, stuff the bodysuit and pilot cap with plastic grocery bags.)

To make cap:

Following the outline of the cap's opening, glue a row of black fringe garland to cap. Twist together one black and one yellow chenille stem for each antenna. Wrap 1/2 of the doubled stem around a pencil to create a coil. Glue the straight part of the stem to the back of the pilot cap at the seams. To finish, glue on a small piece of black fringe at the top.

To make wings:

Enlarge wing templates as needed, and cut out. Trace two sets onto black art paper, and cut out. Follow our pattern to draw inner wing designs, and cut out using a utility knife. Glue pieces of yellow cellophane over cut-out designs on one pair of wings. Match up the second pair of wings over the first, and glue together. Using strips of Velcro, attach to back of bodysuit.

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