Simply Adorable Made-by-Mom Baby Costumes

Create these simple and comfortable costumes to make your baby's first Halloween spooktacular!

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Make this adorable costume's ears out of green felt and a headband.

Submitted by: joeysmom114475657

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Pea Pods

Swaddle your baby in soft green fabric so he'll stay nice and cozy as a pea pod!

Submitted by: donna5288

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Make a pillow using black and red fabric to create the shell of this ladybug costume.

Submitted by: kaorimurayama

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Use pipe cleaners and a headband to create simple butterfly antennae.

Submitted by: amygwtw

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An argyle sweater vest and plaid pants make the perfect golfer costume!

Submitted by: blyth13

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'50s Sock-Hopper

Create a poodle skirt out of stiff fabric for this classic '50s costume.

Submitted by: krisjones26

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Use yarn instead of hay to create a comfortable version of a scarecrow costume.

Submitted by: lovealots83

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Football Baby

Touchdown! Create a brown onesie and add white felt to make this clever football costume.

Submitted by: amw2675077

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The Great Pumpkin

Simply carve out a large pumpkin for this costume!

Submitted by: gittbirdwell

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Ice Cream Cones

Use brown fabric and soft foam rings to create a yummy ice cream cone, then add sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Submitted by: esmancuso

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Create a beanie complete with eyes and teeth for this adorable dragon costume.

Submitted by: lynndelaurentis

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Use layers of pastel tulle and fairy wings to create a gorgeous fairy costume.

Submitted by: Cathy772

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Flower Power

Glue a silk flower to a headband and dress your little one in a floral-print dress to create this simple and adorable costume.

Submitted by: bbstuck18

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Grab a cowboy hat, boots, and a flannel shirt to create this super cute cowboy costume.

Submitted by: mcready69

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Your little one will be the top banana when you swaddle him in bright yellow fabric. Don't forget the sticker!

Submitted by: Shauna3054671

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Attach black buttons to a white shirt and make a chef's hat out of stiff white fabric to create this crowd-pleasing costume. Bon appetit!

Submitted by: chelsautumn

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Create this costume by hot-gluing fake flowers and leaves to a bucket hat. Then plop your little flower into a large pot or bucket!

Submitted by: high4sugar

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Garden Gnome

Create a white beard out of fuzzy fabric and a cone hat out of felt to make this garden gnome costume.

Submitted by: audraholm

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Pebbles Flintstone

An orange felt hat complete with a bone tops off this precious Pebbles Flintstone costume.

Submitted by: alishaschwanke

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Sock Monkey

Knit this adorable sock monkey using marble yarn.

Submitted by: lizzereinhart

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