Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

If you're looking to save some money this Halloween, consider taking the DIY route with your kid's costume. No matter what your level of craftiness is, you can make a quick and easy Halloween costume with materials you might already have around the house. In half an hour, your little one could become a weatherman or piece of sushi.

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Jenny Risher

Crayon Costume

Every kid loves to color, so dressing up your little one as a crayon is sure to be a hit. Black felt quickly turns brightly-colored long johns into this iconic art supply. Top them off with a matching party hat, and they are ready to paint the town.

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Jenny Risher

Weatherman Costume

Tie paper raindrops and lightning bolts onto a child-size umbrella. Then dress him up in a cute raincoat and boots to complete the costume. He'll be out the door, rain or shine, in no time!

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Spider Hoodie

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Jenny Risher

Sushi Costume

This unique idea is a snap to pull together. Turn your baby into a Japanese snack with a white bodysuit and an orange pillow covered with white tape, and then tie everything together a green ribbon sash. She'll be the yummiest trick-or-treater on the block!

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Jenny Risher

Picnic Lunch Costume

Whoever said wearing a tablecloth was a bad thing? Bring back memories of summer with this picnic lunch costume. Play food, doilies, and napkins make this getup simply delicious.

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Jenny Risher

Chef Costume

Your cutie will want to whip up a 5-course meal in these chef duds. Have your little cook don one of Dad's old shirts, and then make a chef's hat from a white shower cap and an oatmeal container. Use a canvas tote bag as a place to stash all of the trick-or-treat candy.

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Make a Butterfly Tutu Costume

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Jenny Risher

Wildflower Costume

Transform your darling into a colorful bouquet with painted coffee filters and leaves cut from paper tablecloths. Slip-on sneakers and buzz like bumblebees with just a few crafts tricks. You won't believe how quick you can make her costume ready for trick-or-treating!

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Jenny Risher

Ace of Hearts Costume

Does your munchkin love to play with cards? Create a winning costume with an old pillowcase and red felt. Disguise a cereal box as a deck of cards for the perfect treat tote.

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Make a Clown Collar Costume

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Jenny Risher

Octopus Costume

Go under the sea for costume inspiration. Before you toss old tights and socks into the trash, make this ultra-huggable underwater creature. Your baby will be ready for Halloween in just four steps.

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Jenny Risher

Knight Costume

This last-minute costume idea is a lifesaver. Just dress your knight from head to toe with everyday household items. Arm your Prince Charming with a milk-jug helmet, grocery bag armor, and a cardboard sword that will no doubt slay the whole neighborhood.

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Make a Ringmaster Coat Costume

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Jenny Risher

Judge Costume

This Halloween, let your kid lay down the law for a change. Save up TP rolls for this "courtly" costume. Paint the wig with glow-in-the-dark paint so she'll be visible after sundown.

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Jenny Risher

Cheerleader Costume

Your enthusiastic child will be jumping for joy over this fun costume. Cut plastic bags into thin strips to make authentic-looking pom-poms. Hip, hip, hooray!

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Jenny Risher

Robot Costume

This robot costume is super easy to make and looks out-of-this world. Build a recycled creature out of cardboard boxes, bottle tops, straws, and a pot scrubber. She'll want to wear it trick-or-treating next year as well!

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Jenny Risher

Movie Star Costume

Your future Oscar winner will be ready to battle the paparazzi with this easy-to-put-together movie star costume. Glam up a simple belt, tiara, or bracelet with gold-painted pasta "jewels." Then create an authentic statuette by attaching an action figure to an upside-down butter container and spray painting it gold. It's a diva look that you can make on a dime!

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