LOL Baby Halloween Costumes

From lobsters to air fresheners, here are some of our favorite babies dressed in their Halloween costumes!

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Little Old Man

This baby takes imitating Grandpa to the next level in this getup. The oversize glasses look adorable on his chubby cheeks. Even their expressions match!

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Summer Lovin'

Why create a costume when you can design an entire scene for your little one? It looks like this cutie is enjoying time-traveling back to last season.

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Baby Doll

This girl's mom is a Cabbage Patch super-fan so it's no surprise that her mini-me got the full treatment. Talk about having an insta-twin for the day!

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Pizza Slice

This baby girl is a supreme cutie!

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Boiled Lobster

This is probably how most lobsters feel in the kitchen. What a cute costume idea!

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Abe Lincoln

Baby-sized bow tie--check. Tiny top hat--check. Adorable Honest Abe reincarnation--check!

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This baby seems perfectly content to just relax, turtle style.

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Beads, scarves, jewels and long locks: all the accessories any gorgeous gypsy girl needs.

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This is probably one of the only sea creatures you'll ever want to snuggle up to!

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Money Bags

Need your little one to look like a million bucks? Try this high-rolling baby ensemble!

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Air Freshener

Finally a totally fresh idea for a costume!

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There are only two words for this creative costume: cutie fruity.

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We had no idea elephants could be so tiny--or so cute!

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We think this would make a great Mummy and daughter costume duo!

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Fat Pumpkin

This pumpkin sure stands out from the rest of the patch--totally cute!

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Pea Pod

Your munchkin will look like a sweet pea in this, guaranteed!

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