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Unique Halloween outfits from pieces you have (or can buy) -- no sewing required!

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Kaysh Shinn

Rock Star

Unleash the wild in your child.

The basics

* Fun, edgy shirt. Message T-shirts work well, or you can punk up a plain T-shirt by ripping it or coloring on it with a fabric marker.

* Jeans (preferably with holes!) or black pants.

* Shoes such as sneakers or boots.

* A hairdo. You can tease your child's hair, like we did, or create a faux-hawk using mousse or gel.

* An instrument. For simplicity, buy a toy guitar or microphone.

To go a little further...

* Make a guitar from foam core, as shown. We got foam core, cut it into the shape of a guitar, glued on striped felt, and added reflective tape for strings and knobs.

* Add sunglasses. And teach her how to sneer -- or pose -- for paparazzi!

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Kaysh Shinn

Chilly Willy

Let's see some happy feet!

The basics

* Big black sweatshirt. We used an adult sweatshirt on a 2-year-old so it would reach his feet. We also flipped it inside out, so the fleecy side shows, and cut open the seams on the sleeves to make it look like he's got floppy wings.

* White fleece from a fabric store, cut in a half-oval shape and glued to the sweatshirt.

* Black cap, preferably with a brim.

* Funny feet. Orange socks or shoes would have worked; we liked tights from LittleMissMatched.

To go a little further...

* Googly eyes glued to the hat.

* You could add black mittens. And teach him how to waddle!

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Kaysh Shinn

Little Ladybug

Here's a fresh alternative to a fairy.

The basics

* Black leotard and tights.

* Red tutu with black spots. We bought ours from for $50; we've seen other versions at Crafty parents could add black dots to a plain red tutu.

* Antennae headband. Our PrissyPoofs tutu came with one, which made it a good deal. Otherwise, you can assemble one from a black headband, black pipe cleaners, and black puffballs, all from a fabric store.

To go a little further...

* Give her a "wand" in the form of a fabric flower or leaf. And teach her to skip!

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Kaysh Shinn

Surfer Dude

In a warm climate, this is a breeze.

The basics

* Board shorts (for a boy) or a swimsuit (for a girl).

* Rash guard shirt. Ours is from Quiksilver; you can also find them year-round at

* Flip-flops or sandals (not shown).

To go a little further...

* A lightweight mini surfboard. Ours is a surfboard-shaped memo board; you might also make one out of foam core. Use reflective tape to run a stripe down the middle.

* Put sunscreen on his nose. And teach him the hang-ten sign.

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Kaysh Shinn

Sweet Puppy

Good dogs may get extra Halloween treats.

The basics

* Solid-colored baby clothes. We chose a bodysuit and pants in brown shades from L'ovedbaby. You might also find solids from Zutano in specialty baby stores. Prefer to raid baby's closet? Maybe you've already got a plain white bodysuit and dark pants.

* Felt from a fabric store, cut into a circle and glued to the bodysuit.

* A doggie hat. Ours was $24 at; the site sells other animal hats as well, from pink-poodle to green-frog toppers.

To go a little further...

* Give your child a new dog toy from a pet shop. And teach him to say "bowwow!"

Copyright © 2007 Meredith Corporation. Originally published in the October 2007 issue of American Baby magazine.

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