Insanely Creative Pumpkin-Painted Pregnant Bellies

You've got a great new accessory (your baby bump), so why not show it off? Get inspired with these creative pumpkin bumps sported by real moms.

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Jack o Lantern Belly

A few computer touch-ups make this belly bump pumpkin come to life!

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Painted Pumpkin Belly

Without this mom's arms and legs in the photo, we would have believed her bump was a real pumpkin!

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White Outlined Jack o Lantern Belly

Dad-to-be took a unique approach on his wife's belly, painting it orange all over and outlining the pumpkin head in white.

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Painted Pumpkin Belly

This mommy's bump is one of the smaller pumpkins right now, but we bet that won't last long!

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Painted Pumpkin Belly with Sunset

This mom-to-be not only painted a pumpkin, she added a beautiful sunset.

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Baby Face Painted Belly

The bow and pacifier really make this baby-girl bump unique.

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Painted Pumpkin Belly

Who needs a costume when you've got a fun painted belly to show off instead?

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Pirate Jack o Lantern Belly

Not a great artist? Have a face painter decorate your belly for you!

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Evil Jaco o Lantern

This mommy had the help of a talented artist to create this scary pumpkin head.

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Jack o Lantern Belly

Use a fluorescent yellow paint and then dim the lights to make the pumpkin's eyes pop in your photos.

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Jack o Lantern Belly and Hands

A simple orange pumpkin-bump is always classically cool.

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Cowgirl Jack o Lantern Belly

Why not add a cowgirl hat and boots to your belly for a festive country costume?

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Jack o Lantern Belly

This smiling pumpkin is inviting rather than sinister--we love it!

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