Halloween Costumes: Butterfly, Ballerina, and Fireman

It doesn't take a magician to make these uniques Halloween costumes; all you need are a few tricks of the trade.

Butterfly Costume


Age: 2 and up

With tie-dye and tissue paper wings, a sweat suit morphs into a beautiful butterfly body.

What you need:

  • 2 pieces pink poster board
  • spray adhesive
  • scissors or craft knife
  • assorted-color tissue paper
  • white glue
  • white sweatshirt
  • 3 colors Rit dye (we used Rose Pink #7, Golden Yellow #42, and Aquamarine #24)
  • rubber bands
  • white Sticky Back Velcro tape
  • headband
  • 2 colored pipe cleaners
  • 2 large pom-poms
  • glue gun
  • wing pattern*

To make costume:

  1. Use adhesive to attach pieces of poster board together. Enlarge wing pattern*, double image, and draw on full size of poster board. Cut out wings and inside shapes.
  2. Glue single layers of tissue paper over the inside shapes. Let dry.
  3. Mix dyes in separate containers. Tie-dye shirt by twisting sections and wrapping with rubber bands. Place parts of the shirt in color, soaking for about 15 minutes. When done, remove rubber bands and rinse in running water until colors stop running. Hang to dry.
  4. Run strips of Velcro tape down the center back of shirt and on backs of wings.
  5. Attach 2 pipe cleaners for antennae to a headband. Twist to secure. Glue pom-poms to the tops of pipe cleaners with glue gun.

* You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. If you don't have this program, click below for a free download.

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