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Dog Walker

This cute pad for pups is made from a cardboard box and corrugated paper.


Please note: Our doghouse was designed to fit a specific stroller. You may need to make adjustments according to the size of your stroller.

What you need: Stroller, one 24 x 20 x 34 inch cardboard wardrobe box, one 36 x 34 inch piece of cardboard, box cutter, scissors, pencil, one roll of 48-inch-wide red corrugated paper, two rolls of black corrugated scalloped border, glue gun, one sheet of white craft foam, black permanent marker

To make house: Cut off all flaps from wardrobe box. Cut out an arched opening from one of the narrower sides of box. Glue on pieces of red corrugated paper, covering entire box. Place box over stroller. Measure and mark openings for handles and cut out. Trim bottom of the box as needed. Be sure the box does not get in the way of the stroller wheels.

To make roof: Using our diagram as a guide, assemble roof using the 36 x 34 inch piece of cardboard. Glue on strips of black corrugated border for shingles and overhang. Cut out a bone shape from white craft foam. Print a name using a black permanent marker, and glue the bone to front of doghouse.

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