9 Costumes Anyone Can Make

Royal Family

Add posh-looking fabric and plastic jewels -- suddenly your stroller is king of the road.


Please note: Our throne was designed to fit a specific twin stroller. You may need to make adjustments according to the size of your stroller.

What you need: Stroller, one 30 x 24 x 24 inch cardboard box, box cutter, pencil, scissors, three yards fabric, three yards polyester batting, colorful plastic jewels, glue gun, 1/2 yard red velvet, four yards 4-inch-wide white faux fur, one sheet of black sticky-back felt

To make: Remove top and bottom of box and the 30 inch side facing you; discard. Using our photo as a guide, draw a throne shape on the opposite 30 inch side. Cut out using a box cutter. Using your stroller as a guide, cut out enough slits in backrest to fit the box over your stroller's handles. (The back of the throne should fit over the handles and rest behind the stroller's seats.) Begin cutting from the bottom up, stopping about 3/4 of the way from the top. Be sure to leave the top of the throne intact. For the armrests, cut off the top half of each of the remaining box sides. If the armrests still seem to be too high for your stroller, trim any extra from the top. Glue polyester batting to the entire throne, then glue fabric over batting. To finish, glue on plastic jewels.

To make the throw: Fold white faux fur in half, and glue around edge of red velvet. Cut small triangles from black sticky-back felt and attach to fur trim.

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