9 Costumes Anyone Can Make

It's a Bird

. . . it's a plane . . . it's a very cool getup for tiny action heroes!


What you need: White infant bunting; Rit fabric dye (royal blue); three sheets of sticky-back felt (one yellow and two red), pencil, scissors, craft knife, 1/2 yard red fabric, iron, needle, thread

To make: Follow package instructions to dye infant bunting royal blue.

To make "B" emblem: Using our photo as a guide, cut out two felt diamonds: a larger red one and a smaller yellow one. Remove backing from yellow felt, and attach to red diamond. On other sheet of red felt, draw a "B," and cut out using a craft knife. Remove backing and adhere red "B" to yellow felt. Remove backing from red diamond; attach to bunting.

To make cape: Draw two cape shapes onto red fabric, sized to fit your baby. Cut out both pieces. With right sides together, stitch 1/4-inch seam all the way around, leaving a 3 inch opening in the center bottom of cape. Turn inside out, and press with iron. Stitch opening closed. Stitch cape to the back of bunting, from shoulder to shoulder.

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