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Along Came a Spider

Our web-savvy critter has faux fur and a few extra sets of hands.


What you need: Infant carrier, white bodysuit, white pilot cap, white tights, white socks, one pair of white infant mittens, Rit fabric dye (purple and black), one 12 x 15-inch piece of purple faux fur, scissors, needle, thread, four 9 x 12 inch sheets of purple craft foam, pencil, one 6 x 19 inch piece of black nylon fabric, one 2 1/4 x 17 inch piece of poster board, one 4x 17 inch piece of polyester batting, glue gun, double-sided tape

To make body and cap: Follow package instructions to dye bodysuit, pilot cap, and tights black. Sew faux fur to front of carrier along the top opening and at the leg openings.

To make mittens: Follow package instructions to dye the infant mittens and socks purple. For decorative mittens, enlarge the spider-hand pattern as needed and cut out. Trace four patterns onto purple craft foam and cut out.

To make arms: Glue batting to poster board. Tightly cover batting and board with black nylon fabric. Secure overlapping fabric to the back of poster board with glue. Glue one foam mitten to each side of spider arm, with thumbs facing upward.

To finish: After you place your baby in the carrier, slide spider arm behind him. It should rest on the carrier's strap, between him and you. Using double-sided tape, attach a pair of mittens to the shoulder straps of carrier, with the thumbs facing up. Before heading out for trick-or-treating, slip on the black pilot cap and the purple infant mittens.

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